Best College Football Betting Sites of 2022-2023

It’s August now and the first College Football game of the 2022-23 NCAAF DI Regula Season kicks off this month on Saturday, August 27 when Northwestern faces Nebraska from Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland (FOX, 12:30m EDT/9:30 am PDT; NEB -13, 50½).카지노사이트

And the popularity of College Football and betting on it has never been higher with the FBS commissioners meeting in Park City, Utah and discussing possibly College Football playoff (CFP) expansion with talks of a potential 12- 16-team CFP model down the line.

With the evolution of Sports Gambling continuing in the US with 32 states now offering legal betting and taking wagers, betting this Fall and Winter at the best College Football sites broke records in 2021 and will certainly be doing so once again here in 2022.

So let’s help you get ready for betting on NCAAF and tell you how to bet on College Football, what you can bet on and where, and why the online sportsbooks GSO represents are among the industry’s best for the upcoming 2022-23 Division I gridiron season.

Expect 2022-23 to Look a Awful Lot Like 2021-22 Season
Last year, we saw two familiar SEC Conference teams, Alabama and Georgia, play for the 2022 College Football Playoff (CFP) National Championship, with the Bulldogs prevailing over the Crimson Tide, 33-18 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on January, 10, 2022.

Also, Jacksonville State will leave the ASUN for C-USA and Sam Houston State will leave the WAC for C-USA but the Gamecocks and the Bearkats won’t be joining C-USA until 12 months from now and the 2023-24 Regular Season. I’ve seen the future and it will be.

The 2022 NCAA DI FBS College Football Regular Season will begin later this month on Saturday, August 27 and is scheduled to conclude on Saturday, December 10 with the Army-Navy game from Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia (CBS, 3 ET/2 CT/12 PT).

The 2022 NCAA DI Postseason will start on Friday, December 16 and this season there will be 44 Bowl games, so finding and knowing about the best Football betting sites is imperative to get as many edges and outs as possible to give yourself some edges.

The 2023 CFP National Championship will be played in the same building where the last Super Bowl was held, SoFi Stadium In Inglewood, California on January 9, 2023 with the 2024 CFP scheduled to be played at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas on January 6, 2024.

How to Legally Bet on NCAA Football in 2022-23

It’s now been over four years since the US Supreme Court overturned PAPSA, clearing the way for states to legalize betting on sports and now well over half offer legal sports gambling, meaning there are two ways people in those US states can bet on NCAAF:

By visiting a brick-and-mortar, land-based Casino and its sportsbook and placing a bet there. The sportsbooks are located usually in Casinos, Horse Racing tracks, or as stand-alone entities and accept NCAAF wager and pay you back when you win.

By signing up on an Online sports betting website. Most US sites are sanctioned by the state and Offshore sportsbooks also offer up legal College Football wagering.

Betting on NCAAF College Football in Canada has grown in The Digital Age, and all Canadians can bet on all sports legally. Before last year (2021), residents of legal age (18 or 19) in the Great White North were only legally able to make parlay wagers.

But the Parliament of Canada voted to amend the criminal code in the beautiful North American nation and the Safe and Regulated Sports betting Act (C-218) was passed on June 23, 2021 to also allow bets to be made on single games, Futures, Props, and more.

Before the passage of that legislation, Canadians—like the majority of Americans before PAPSA was overturned—were forced to take their Sports Gambling business elsewhere like the popular Offshore operators as well as grey-market European bookmakers.

The lucrative betting market in the nation’s most populous province of Ontario (Toronto, Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton) went live earlier this year on April 22, so this will be the first real season Canadians will be able to dive head first into NCAAF betting.

One of the best and most respected online sportsbooks, Bovada, is headquartered in Quebec, Canada, and is very popular in the US—but unavailable to customers in Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York—and the website is a division of Bodog.

In the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, and Quebec, the legal age to bet is 18 while in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Labrador, Manitoba, Quebec, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia the legal age is 19.

Betting Online Has Many Advantages for NCAAF Bettors

Making wagers at a physical land-based or brick-and-mortar sportsbook can be problematic, with lines at the betting window slowing or maybe preventing bets from actually being made, parking, navigating the casino and all of the noise legitimate issues.

And then if and when you win a bet or seven, you then have to physically return to the sportsbook to collect your money which you were probably going to bet on sports again anyway in the very same building. To waste Time and create Stress is counterproductive.

With online sports gambling, there’s no waiting in line, there’s no travel or any parking involved, and no people to deal with or precious Time wasted. And for Live Wagering or needing to hedge or try to middle current bets, online wagering has changed the game.

How to Get Started Betting NCAAF at Sports Websites

If you haven’t bet on College Football at an online sports betting website and feel intimidated heading in, don’t be as if it’s legal where you live and you have a modest amount of money you’d like to bet with, then you’re basically the one that’s in charge.

Let’s explain how simple and fast it is really to sign up for an account, and look at some other online betting basics. To open up an account, you can follow these five simple steps:

Sign up for the website: Just click on the button (link) that says “Sign Up” or “Join” and then fill in all of the necessary information from the prompt. Then you may have to verify you’re a real person then provide a Username and Password.

Deposit funds into your account: You can use your Credit Card, Cryptocurrency, or whatever other method the site allows, then decide how much you want to deposit. Many online sportsbooks have low deposit limits, so check when signing up.

Always check for any signup Bonuses: Most online sportsbooks have special signup bonuses, so make sure to check the site, banner ads or the dashboard for any bonuses that can be activated or any necessary codes.
Place your bets: Betting is simple and Mobile Wagering experience is user-friendly on Smartphones, Mobile Devices, and PC’s. First, decide what type of wager and amount you want, then find the Side, Total or Prop, click in the circle, and confirm.

Collect your winnings: To make a Withdrawal request, choose the method you would like and then wait for the website to respond and either send out, transfer or wire your winnings to you. Winning bets are automatically deposited into accounts.바카라사이트

Remember it’s important to choose a site you really trust as you will be providing them with personal and financial information and then depositing your hard-earned money there. Look for websites with good bonuses, fair odds, and many ways in which to bet.

Understanding the Different Types of NCAA Football Bets Moneyline Bets

Before you start wagering on the NCAA DI, D II or I-AA College Football—or the NFL, CFL, XFL, or USFL for that matter—you first need to understand what the Moneyline is and how it ranges and how this moving number reflects a game’s Favorite or its Underdog.

The moneyline is all based around the foundational number of 100 (Even money) and all moneyline odds that bookie make are above 100, Here is how it works:

If the Moneyline number has a minus sign in front of it, that means that team is the Favorite in the football game and it means you would have to bet that specific (and moving number) to win $100.

If the Moneyline number has a plus sign in front of it, that means that team is the Underdog in the football game and it means that you would have to bet $100 to win that number in return.

So if a minus sign is used (Favorite) before the number you see, your profit—if you win the bet—will be less than your wager size, while when you see a plus sign is there (Underdog) before the number, then the profit will be more than the size of your bet.

And remember that when betting that whenever you win, you’ll always get the amount that you wagered back along with your winnings. And your bet should tie (Push ), then you will also get the amount of your bet returned back into your online sports betting account.

Here’s a specific example for a Moneyline bet involving those two aforementioned Big Ten sides, Northwestern and Nebraska, for that lidlifter for Lucky Charmville later this month:

Nebraska: -495
Northwestern +363

In this example, Nebraska is the Favorite. A bettor would have to bet $495 on the Cornhuskers to win $100 of profit in Dublin in Week 0. And for big Underdogs Northwestern, a $100 bet would yield $363 of profit (and return the initial $100 stake).

The Moneyline in Sports Betting is best thought of as a ratio and all Money Lines can be broken down and converted both to Decimal and Fractional equivalents and provide a Implied probability for the game’s outcome.

Most sports bettors associate the Moneyline with Win/Loss bets on games. But the Moneyline is involved in all Football bets—NCAAF, NFL, XFL, USFL—at all gambling sites. So having an idea of what it is and how it translates before you start betting is prudent.

Point Spread
With Point Spread bets, the oddsmakers at online sports betting websites set specific numeric odds on each team for an individual NCAAF game. With Point Spread wagers, you are dealing with trying to “cover” that Point Spread, either giving or taking points.

For Example:
In that NCAAF opener, Nebraska is currently a 12½-point spread favorite over Northwestern, so if you wanted to bet on the Cornhuskers, you would be giving (laying) 12½ points, meaning Nebraske would need to win by 13 or more for you to win.

Nebraska -12½ -110
Northwestern +12½ -110

If you wanted to bet on the Underdog Northwestern you would be getting 12½ points, so the Wildcats could lose by up to 12 points and you would win the bet, as well as if Northwestern won outright as a dog. The standard -110 vigorish (juice) is also applied.

Totals (Over/Under)
The Total (Over/Under) is based on the combined number of points that both teams will score in Regulation and any Overtime periods and the number in NCAA DI usually ranges from 35 to as high as 85 although you will find rare numbers outside that Totals range.

Over 50½ -110
Under 50½ -110
In our Nebraska-Northwestern working example, the game’s Total is 50½, so with a hypothetical 35-17 win by either team, the Total would go Over with 52 combined points scored. A 35-10 Final Score would only be 45 total points, and a Win for Under bettors.

Quarter and Half Betting

Online sportsbooks also break down individual NCAA Football games into four separate “Quarter” bets with different Point Spread, Moneyline and Totals in each with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Quarter lines set live. The Over/Under in Quarters can range from 10 to 24 or so.

If you bet the Cornhuskers in the 1st Quarter as a 5½-point Favorites in the Point Spread market and they were up 6 or more in that Quarter, then you would win your bet. And if you bet the Over 14½ points and the score was 12-7, you’d win your Totals bet (19>14½).

Parlays are combinations of 2 or more selections (legs) in the Moneyline, Point Spread and/or Totals markets together with all elements having to not lose in order for the bettor to win. Parlays with Pushes are reduced by the number of teams who may Push (tie).

Combining Teams (Point Spreads or Money Lines) and/or Totals on NCAAF Parlays is very fun and can make a reality where a hedge can be used to guarantee (lock in) a profit should the last leg not kick off before the others who’ve ended as Wins (or Wins and Pushes).

Teasers are combinations of 2 or more selections in the Point Spread Line or Totals markets combined together with all of the legs having not to lose in order for the bettor to get paid back. Parlays with Pushes are reduced by the number of teams who Push (Tie).

Combining teams or Totals on Teasers is fun and lets the NCAAF gambler use between 6, 7, or 10 points (for example) and apply them to the Point Spread or Total and can also lead to an ability to Hedge and guarantee a profit, depending in when the last of it leg starts.

Again looking at that Nebraska-Northwestern game utilizing a 7-point Teaser would mean taking the Favorite Nebraska down to -8½ points (from 15½) or taking Northwestern and getting them at +22½, adding the 7 (Teaser) points to their 15½-point Spread right now.

Or in the Total for that game, a gambler using a 7-point Teaser could take the Over up to 57½ (50½ + 7) and bet the Under or take the Under down to 43½ (50½ -7) and bet the game Over as one of the Teaser elements (legs). Remember, all legs must win (or not lose).

Futures Bets
Futures bets are wagers often made before or during an NCAAF season kicks off on who will win a specific Championship, Conference, Division, or individual Award and there’s usually just one winner in most Futures markets—the last team standing and the champs.

Three great examples of NCAAF Futures markets are the 2022-23 College Football CFP Championship odds, individual Conference (or Division) winners, and the 2022 Heisman Trophy Award winner, where we see Alabama QB Bryce Young as the current favorite.

One nice thing about Futures book wager is you can track and root for your bets all season long—or at least up until that critical point where your team or wager is eliminated. Also, Futures bets don’t run the sad risk of losing every night, cutting down on swearing 87.3%.

Live and In-Game Wagering

Live or In-game Wagering in NCAAF has really grown in popularity, in tandem with the advent of Mobile Gambling, the evolution of Smartphones, and the explosion of legalized Sports Gambling after the Supreme Court’s monumental PAPSA decision back in 2018.

So there have never been more live betting opportunities or NCAAF betting markets than there are right now and oddsmakers are constantly changing numbers in-game, as any gambler with an online account paying attention to the Live markets witnesses daily.

Learning from what you’ve seen earlier in an NCAAF game or games and then trying to apply it in the Live betting market, or perceiving value of In-game odds and betting and the ability to hedge other bets attached you may have to a game in progress is also a nice tool.

NCAAF Football 2022-23 Betting Tips

Always remember who does good against who and bet the Last year, New Mexico went 1-11 ATS, (8.3%), so beating against poor-performing Against The Spread (ATS) teams like Los Lobos again in 2022 seems like a smart NCAA Football betting approach.

The Homefield Advantage. Most college teams perform better at Home and it makes sense with most stadiums located on campus and built-in fan bases of loyal backers like Alumni and town or city locals always backing (and usually betting on ) their teams(s).

Always pay attention to Injury news and especially any skill Position players who might not play or be 100% and have an arsenal of decent Injury sources as the Wiseguys are always watching the wires and betting quickly on any significant NCAAF Injury news.

Make your bet early if you like the bigger Favorite. The public usually backs the bigger Favorites in NCAAF and Point Spreads can move from 3 to even around 8 points higher in extreme cases depending on the game and betting handle, meaning that betting a Favorite at open at -21 may win while a closing line of -25½ means you lose on -22, -23, -24 and -25.

When playing Teasers, remember that it’s generally best to take Underdogs with Point Spreads that are +1½ and +2½ and to tease them up (to +8½ and +9½) and to bet Favorites with Points Spreads are -7.5 to -8.5 and bet them down (to -½ and -1½).온라인카지노

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