Casino Each Betting Master I have heard cases where blackjack lottery games are a much better choice for players. What’s more I understand why each of the experts makes this case. Lottery games have high edges and low returns, while blackjack has excellent yields and low edges.

The problem with this is that it doesn’t take into account everything you want to consider. For example, it is sometimes more important to control your cash by gambling less. Also here and there, you may need a chance to win a few dollars rather than millions. casino site

Here is an overview of the 6 motivations behind why the lottery can be the preferred choice for you over playing blackjack.

1- Cheap lottery play

I don’t do this consistently, but a little while I consistently purchase $2 lottery tickets. The two lottery games I play are huge attracting games US, Lotto and Mega Millions. Tickets for each of these are just $2 each. safe casino site

When I play real cash blackjack at the club, I usually take over $500. In any case, when I play blackjack online, I spend somewhere around $100. Yet, I can play the lottery for about $14 per week or less. Also for a while, I just bought a few lottery tickets.

A little while I play both blackjack and lottery games. In any case, there is no doubt that playing the lottery game costs a lot less than playing blackjack.

If you check out in an unexpected way, you lose less lottery games than you lose blackjack, even though blackjack has a much lower house edge.

Utilizing round numbers, it looks like you lose less blackjack if the lottery has a house edge of 75% and blackjack has a house edge of 2%. As it can be, assuming you buy $10 continuously worth the lottery, you lose $7.50. As it can be, suppose you bet $3,000 in blackjack hands, and you lose $60. 

Before you think you’ve never bet $3,000 in blackjack, I really want to understand that this is just a 30 to $100 hand or a 150 to $20 hand. All in all, $20 in your hand, it’s like 3 hours of play. Casino site recommendation 

2- You can win more money

Do you remember the highest measure of cash you did at any point you won playing blackjack? Tragically, your chances are under $1,000 or under $10,000, assuming you are a hot shot.

Contrasting the best prizes in a huge lottery game. Top prizes are often over $100,000,000 and prizes up to runner-up are usually over $1,000,000.

In all realities, assuming you’ve got a professional card counter with the main funds, you can win over $1,000,000 extra hours of playing blackjack. But $100,000,000 is not achievable.

Powerball and Mega Millions Lottery

Similarly, you can start blackjack for $2 and get a chance to win millions. While the situation is nothing but favorable for you when you purchase a $2 lottery ticket, in all realities quite possibly you can win. It’s a decent chance for anything but still definitely possible.

Regardless of whether you’re a professional card counter or not, you may want to consider buying an occasional lottery ticket in some cases. You can crush some benefits at the blackjack table while still going after the lottery or two millions.

3- It is fast to play the lottery

Everything on Earth is faster than ever by all accounts. Individuals need their food sooner or less, and need to go through a bank pass in contrast to an investment at some opportunity to head inside. You can get basic food delivered right to your entrance, so you don’t have to go to the supermarket.

At certain points, you can buy lottery tickets on the web, but even if you can’t get them on the web, you have an amazing chance to get them when you’re out. For example, most corner stores sell lottery tickets, and you can get them at numerous supermarkets and bars.

When you get gas, you will most likely need to buy gas at least once a week so that you can win the lottery. What’s more you can buy more than one draw ticket so you can buy all of the lottery tickets for a week at a time.

Assuming you play blackjack in a land-based club, you should go to the club. The club is not far for certain individuals, but for others it can be an hour or more trip.

4 – Easy to find lottery games.

I solved this problem in the last area, yet it is much simpler to observe the lottery than the blackjack game. I didn’t count them, but I bet there is something like 50 places where I can buy lottery tickets inside a short way from my home. Best of all I don’t have spots where I can legally play blackjack in 30 minutes of my house.

If you can play blackjack online in a specific region, this could be a decent choice. However, it doesn’t matter, while contrasting how simple it is with observing lottery games to land-based blackjack games. For a number of reasons documented here, lottery is still a preferred choice over playing blackjack on the web.

Blackjack table closeup

The problem with playing in web blackjack that most card sharks don’t think about is the number of hands they can play. It’s not difficult to consistently play 100+ blackjack when playing on the web, which is about twice as many when playing in athletics clubs.

Every time you play twice as many hands in 60 minutes, you risk doubling how much cash you all have. Or again, if you check out this other method, on the off chance you bet half as much per bet as you play in web blackjack as a bet in a land-based club, you actually risk continuing with a similar measure of cash.

5 – Easier to play lottery games.

At this point, when you play blackjack, you have to utilize the method. If you don’t use your skills when playing blackjack, you lose more cash than you want to lose. If you use skill cards, blackjack utilizing this procedure is also not difficult.

As it might be that, regardless of whether you use your skills when playing blackjack, you actually need to contemplate what you’re doing. Each blackjack hand has to settle for a pick.

Then again, it doesn’t require any work or remember to buy a lottery ticket. Also you buy a lottery ticket once, you can forget about it until you see the numbers.

Every time you play Blackjack, you have to decide all the time you play and keep contemplating things. Therefore, it is simpler to play the lottery than to play blackjack.

6 – win once and you can retire forever

What number of betting practices will give you a chance to win once and resign? Of course, the lottery is the best game of long shots played, assuming you need a chance to resign in light of the fact that the top prize is too huge.

Assuming you win once while playing Blackjack, it is the most 1.5x bet you can win. A 1.5x bet is the amount you win when you get blackjack, and it pays 3 to 2. I actually guess, you can win more with a chance you double down or a few parts off, but this is only twice Unique bet still, you need to bet more to finish it.

active blackjack table

You can also check this in unexpected ways. Assuming you walk in with those prizes, you’ll need constant cash if you really want to play blackjack as often as needed later.

Let’s be real here for a minute, I despise blackjack table time crushing away at night time. I want to win, so I count the cards, but it’s still a long effort to put you out intellectually.

It may seem like a fantasy, but the lottery is a major betting game imaginable that allows you to win once and resign until the end of time. Also personal walk away those prizes all the time so it can happen to you.


If the main thing you care about is the edge of the house, then blackjack will always be preferred over the lottery. However, I really want to take everything into account when it comes to betting.

It is cheaper to play lottery games than to play blackjack, and some lottery games have much bigger prizes than you can win by playing blackjack.

Lottery games are also faster to play and more open than blackjack games. Also, you don’t have to stress over your trip to the play club anytime you stop at the regular store because you can win the lottery.

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