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European roulette only has the one zero slot on the wheel cutting the house edge in half to 2.7%. 카지노사이트 추천 is played in most European countries, of course. The normal method used is the roulette wheel (as shown in Figure 2 above). For comparison, federal expenditures were $2.393 TN in 2004, $2.573 TN in 2005, $2.728 TN in 2006, $2.897 TN in 2007 and $3.118 TN in 2008. So current spending levels are running almost 50% above where they were five years ago. This jump places asset values back to mid-2005 levels. It is my view that, at this point, only massive federal deficits and government intrusions will stabilize system incomes at today’s highly inflated levels. Although in the near-term this mechanism provides a powerful stabilizing force for both the Credit system and real economy. Not only is the vast majority of new mortgage Credit this year government-backed, Washington guarantees are being slapped on hundreds of billions of existing “nonconventional” mortgages. GSE MBS increased $414bn, or 8.7%, over the past year and $1.098 TN, or 26.9%, over two years.

Over the past year, the value of Real Estate declined $1.759 TN and Financial Assets dropped $6.043 TN. ABS declined $525bn over the past year, or 12.1%, and $673bn, or 15%, over two years. And as the Fed buys the new GSE MBS, newly created funds become available to flow back to reliquefy the formerly illiquid ABS marketplace (along with agencies, Treasuries, corporates, and equities). During Q2, the ABS market contracted at a 12.2% rate to $3.817 TN. Money Market contracted at a 16.5% rate during Q2 to $3.584 TN, cutting y-o-y growth to 8.0%. Life Insurance assets grew at an 11.9% pace to $4.552 TN (down 6.6% y-o-y). 온라인카지노 contracted at a notable 17.8% pace (to $2.031TN), although this may be somewhat explained by the thawing of the corporate debt securities marketplace (companies issuing debt to repay bank borrowings). Bank Credit contracted at a 1.4% pace during the quarter to $9.523 TN. On the bank Liability side, total Deposits expanded at a 5.2% rate during the quarter to $7.278 TN (up 7.8% y-o-y).

In total, Rest of World purchased $403bn SAAR of Treasuries during Q2, about a quarter of total issuance ($1.896 TN SAAR). Total Compensation was down 3.8% y-o-y to $7.726 TN. Credit Unions expanded 9.9% annualized to $877bn (up 9.1% y-o-y). Here we see confirmation that nationalization of mortgage Credit runs unabated. What I saw was confirmation of the Government Finance Bubble Thesis. And while it is positive that American households are buying Treasuries and saving more, this does not change the fact that this so called “savings” was bolstered by income effects from massive government spending increases. To be 에볼루션카지노 , placing essentially federal government backing upon previously “private-label” mortgages dramatically changes the market’s perception of these securities’ worth (“moneyness”) – especially with fed funds pegged for an extended period at near zero and the Fed in the midst of a $25bn weekly purchase program in order to fulfill it commitment to purchase $1.25 TN of mortgage securities. It would as well make a good title for recent Z.1 Flow of Funds reports. To summarize, there were no surprises in the Q2 2009 Flow of Funds. Fed Funds & Repo expanded ($133bn) for the first time in eight quarters (to $596bn).

Real Estate holdings actually rose $157bn (nominal) to $20.026 TN, the first increase in 10 quarters. For the quarter, assets were up $1.964 TN, or 12.0%, to $67.208 TN. With Household Liabilities essentially flat (down 1.0% annualized) at about $14.10 TN, changes in Household Assets dictate the increase/decrease in Net Worth. There were, however, some meaningful changes in the composition of foreign holdings of U.S. There are many different words, and words that mean the same thing. 1. Just about all my bucktail jigs I use are white with a white head and white bucktail. By the way, will it ever become politically incorrect to say white men are boring? With no severe cold on the way, it looks like the ending trickle of fish will continue. Like at our dice game, you can use different betting systems when playing roulette, such as Labouchere or D’Alembert. These systems are applied by insurance companies to distinguish the policyholders by their risks.

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